February and March Twitter Tips Summary

My coverage of “1 thing I learned today” on Twitter has been spotty. My goal is to do one each weekday, but holidays and busy days affect my ability to write one up.… Continue reading

Logging Strategies for my iOS Apps

The Boston Cocoheads group had some good links recently on our listserv regarding NSLog. NSLog is a great tool for logging debug information to the console, but often we don’t want to dump… Continue reading

Using Your Own Font

For some reason last week a busy week in my developer tips stream dealing with fonts and type. Mac Power Users had an interview with Ina Saltz about Typography basics, and Big Nerd… Continue reading

Boston MacTech Meetup Report

Spending quality time with fellow developers is a good way to spend an evening. I enjoy developer conferences, but those are generally expensive, but fortunately for those of us in the Objective-C/Cocoa community… Continue reading

How to make a solid color UIImage

A lot of the new UIAppearance features allow you to customize UIKit widgets by supplying images for various parts of buttons, switches, etc. For an app I’m working on right now, the graphic… Continue reading

January Twitter Tips Summary

This month I started regularly posting tweet-sized iOS tips. This was my idea to capture “1 thing I learned today.” I’ve been trying to play with time of day hashtag to see if… Continue reading

“Unit Testing” Asynchronous Tasks in Objective-C

TL;DR: Use a polling technique to unit test asynchronous methods. Ron Lisle went on NSBrief last week to talk about Objective-C unit testing. It’s an excellent interview if you want a technically useful… Continue reading